My favorite things

Today I was thinking about things I can’t live without …….. So I thought I would share them with you all!

1. Michael Kors Hamilton Bag
This bag is seriously life changing, it made me a mk fan for life. The leather starts out a little stiff but once you love it and use it for a while it turns into this buttery leather that is to die for. It wears really well and is big enough to hold everything without looking like your toting around a carry on bag.


2. Eos lip balm
I take this everywhere! It’s perfect for a day at the beach or as a base before you put your fab lip color on!!!


3. Benefits Erase Paste
This is my life saver! I have dark circles and am always on the hunt for the best concealer to hide those pesky things! This one is legit looks like paste ….. Now don’t get turned off by that cause it doesn’t crease, it doesn’t feel heavy and it doesn’t look cakey! And it covers flawlessly!


4. Seacret mud soap
My friend started selling this and at first I was super skeptical but now I’m hooked! Acne is gone and skin looks glowing! Makeup goes on smoother and skin is radiant….. And it’s only $15 !!!! You can’t get that



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