Closet inspiration

So today I’ve decided to tackle the monster in my room ……… My closet !!!!!! I find organizing my closet not only contributes to my style OCD but also leads to endless inspiration to create new outfits with things already in my possession. For example a black jersey maxi skirt can not only be a casual skirt , you can make it high waisted with a dressy top tucked in, add some heels, a top knot and fab baubles and you are ready to go out . Or pull it all the way up and make it a strapless dress , add a chambray shirt , belt it and throw a scarf on and your ready to run errands in style . This month Iam challenging myself and all of you to think outside of the style box and shop WITHIN your closet. Use your imagination and just have fun. There are no mistakes when it comes to personal style …… Some are not always winners but at least you stepped out of your box and tried it. Channel the inner style diva in you and I challenge you to see what inspires you in your closet this week 🙂 and with the money you save with this challenge from not shopping as much go buy yourself a fab new pair of shoes cause lets be real……… A girl could never have too many shoes 🙂


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