Something blue

I’m sure everyone has felt the financial pull of the summer wedding season this year. It seems like everyone tends to get married around the same time. So last night when I was out with some friends ,one of them asked what gift to get happy couples but still stay stylish and not break the bank. Well I let her in on my little secret and I thought that it was such a good tip that it needs to be shared. The answer is TIFFANY’S. yes you read that right! If you go to you can get two champagne flutes or beer glasses or a fab crystal bowl for wait for it…….$40!!! And the best part is gift wrapping is free! Which means it comes in a GIANT Tiffany’s blue box with a huge white bow . Who doesn’t want to walk into a wedding with a gift in such iconic packaging , looking like a million bucks!!! Trust me the happy couple will think you dropped bank on them when really you saved enough money on a gift that you got to splurge on a new dress for the event and catch the attention of that single groomsmen 😉 happy shopping !


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