20 style tips

1. When investing in a piece of
clothing for your wardrobe make sure it is a wardrobe staple that will withstand the test of time. Save the trendy items for shopping at a cheaper store
2. Find a good tailor and make them your best friend! A well tailored outfit to fit your figure will do wonders for your look.
3. Play up your best assets! Find what you love about you! And work it ! Confidence is the sexiest thing a women can wear !
4. Get proper undergarments ! Trust me every celebrity body that you envy has a lot of reinforcement under that designer dress. Spanx is a girls best friend.
5. Invest in fancy lingerie . Even if no one sees it but you . Your confidence will show in the way you carry yourself .
6. Nothing worse then a fab sweater that gets pills in it after a few wears! Well,the best way to defuzz a favorite sweater is with a pumice Stone
7. Ever get deodorant stains on your lbd after putting it on? I think everyone has. all you need to do is run panty hose on it and it comes right out
8. If for some reason you ever get lipstck or pen on your clothing or your purse . Hairspray will take that right out!
9.unless you are sporting crops , pant hems should hit the top of your shoes and be 1/2 to 3/4 inch from the floor .
10. When in doubt buy your jeans a little snug since they will stretch with wear
11. Never leave home in your pajamas ! You never know If that will be the day you meet the person of your dreams 🙂
12. Don’t be a label whore be a style junkie! It shouldn’t matter what the tag says or how much it cost, you can be fashionable on any budget ….. Trust me !
13. Want a quick change to your look? Tweak your makeup. Try a red or burgundy lip. Or different blush . Makeup can completely change the vibe of a look for a fraction of the cost !
14. Go thru your closet once a season and ask yourself ” if I was shopping right now , would I buy this?” If the answer is no …. Donate it
15. Get a new bra fitting every few months . A 5lb gain or loss can change your bra size and an ill fitting bra will ruin any outfit
16. Don’t disregard certain items in your wardrobe just cause its out of season ! Take that tank top add a blazer ,a scarf and some leggings to make it work in fall/ winter too!
17 . Dress age appropriate! I hate when I see people trying to dress like they are younger or older then they are! Find something that works for you but add flair to it ! No mom jeans, or belly shirts people !
18. To snowball on top of 17 ! Just because you are in your 40’s or 50’s or are a mom doesn’t mean you have the ok to lose your style ! Get it together every women likes to dress cute !! Make extra time for YOU and work it!
19. Accessorize like a mad women!!!!! Don’t over do it but you are not fully dressed until you have accessorized your outfit


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