Allow me to introduce myself :)

Hi everyone!
My name is Pamela, and I’m a self diagnosed fashion junkie. I eat, sleep, and breath all things couture. But let’s be real I’m on a budget so I try to find high fashion looks for a fraction of the cost. That being said I also think that hair and makeup are the best accessories when it comes to an outfit which is probably why I change my hair color more then I can think of. So if you are looking for some great beauty tips and fashion inspiration with a bit of an edge to it, then you have found the right blog 🙂



2 thoughts on “Allow me to introduce myself :)

    1. I think the biggest thing about going out wear is to play up your Best assets without showing to much. Find what your fave feature is and play that up. So I think the best examples I can think of are dark wash skinny jeans, and a heel( what ever height you are comfortable walking in) this will elongate your legs making then longer and leaner and what girl doesn’t want that ! I’m 5’10 and still want that lol. A fancy top , like a sparkly one or a flowy chiffon and a blazer . This will
      always look polished and pulled together . If you want to go more of a dress route I think a shirt dress is great because they always have cinching at the waist and will easily go from day to night with some heels and amazing jewelry! Hope that helped 🙂

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