5 steps on how to photogenic

I’m the queen of hating every picture of myself and having someone retake it over and over again till I approve of one. Well, after learning these tricks,that all changed. Here are some simple tricks to be photogenic in every pictures.

1. No more double chin! make sure you smile with your chin ” out and down ” this gives the illusion of a stronger jawline and eliminates the possibility of a double chin. This also makes eye look bigger

2. Look 10 lbs thinner by not standing straight on to the camera , stand at a 45 degree angle so it give the illusion of a slimmer silhouette .

3. Putting your hands on your waist not only gives the illusion of a smaller waist but also the illusion of longer legs.

4. When getting photographed while seated , make sure you sit up straight and at the edge of your seat to look slimmer

5. Be confident! The camera doesn’t lie and it will show in your picture 🙂


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