How to turn a bad hair day around

I’m sure all of you have had some bad hair days, trust me I know I have. Well have no fear I have 5 bad hair day remedies that will turn your bad hair day into a stylish do that is on trend 🙂

1. The poofy pony tail : when my hair is a frizzy mess this is the easiest and most chic look for any fashion 🙂 just tease at the crown , pull back in a pony , throw some curls in the pony if desired and spray with hair spray


2. Turban : this is one of my absolutely favorite hair accessories!!! It’s so easy and gives you a great stylish hippie look , which I looooove 🙂 all you do is fold a silk scarf in half diagonally making a triangle . Start with the folded part across your forehead with the point of the triangle at the base of your head. Wrap the ends around your head and tie in a bow in the front .


3 slouchy hat : this one is really good for fall! It’s simple easy and totally on trend


4. Braids: braiding your bangs can hide a bad hair day so easily. Just braid and pin back like this .


5. Headbands: there are so many cute headbands now , from fabric ones to dressy head pieces you can make a head band work with any outfit .




Well ladies now you don’t have to let a bad hair day ruin a great outfit so happy styling 🙂

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