How to grow your hair out

If you are like me and have hairstyle ADD and dye it every color known to man and spontaneously chop it off then you know the cutters remorse you sometimes get afterwards. Well there are some tricks to helping your hair grow faster .

1. VITAMINS : make sure you are getting your vitamins in daily.

2. BIOTIN: you can get capsules of biotin which will help make hair stronger and prevent breakage . Also it aides in weight loss , improves skin health, make nails stronger, lowers cholesterol and regulates blood sugar. So all in all this stuff is worth taking

3. PROTEIN: make sure you are getting enough protein in you diet. This will help strengthen hair as well.

4. COCONUT OIL: I swear by this! Do coconut oil scalp massages twice a week and leave it on over night then rise out in the morning . Your hair will not only be stronger and softer but will grow FAST!

5. GET TRIMS: make sure you go every month and a half to get trims to cut off the dead ends. I know this sounds weird but it actually promotes hair growth.

Here are my results

Before: jan 2013


After: July 2013


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