Becoming David Blaine: fashion illusions to make any body type confident


In my styling adventures I have dressed many body shapes and no matter who the person is or how gorgeous they are EVERYONE has a body insecurity. And what I have learned is that with the right styling and dressing , every insecurity can be hidden! I have a secret……. good style isn’t just about knowing the latest trends ,it’s part of it , don’t get me wrong but a HUGE part of styling is learning how to create illusions and disguise areas of your body you don’t like and accentuating areas you love!!! TRUST ME! Every single body shape and size can be sexy:) That being said it’s key to know what body type you are and how to dress it. There are 5 basic body shapes : pear, apple, inverted triangle ,rectangle and hourglass.

PEAR: This body type is where your hips are the widest part of your body .

Your fashion goals: emphasize your waist, add volume to your shoulders and minimize hips.

What to shop for for : A-line skirts , bootcut jeans , boat neck and cowl necklines,ruffles and embelishment on tops, strapless dresses and tops, jackets that hit right above the waist line ( cropped ).

Celebs who are pear shape :


INVERTED TRIANGLE: this body type has broad chest and shoulders are the widest part of the body

Your fashion goals: minimize shoulders and create volume on the lower body

What to shop for : bright colored bottoms , wide leg pants , fuller skirts ,high waisted styles , solid color tops and patterned bottoms

Celebs who are an inverted triangle :


RECTANGLE: this body types waist , shoulders and hips are all generally the same width .

Your fashion goals : to CREATE curves by adding volume to both hips and shoulders .

What to shop for :scoop neck and sweetheart necklines, long jackets , empire waist , ruching , belting.

Celebs who are rectangles :


APPLE: this body types waist is the widest part of their body

Your fashion goals : elongate torso and give the illusion of a waist.

What to shop for : monochromatic styles, vneck , belts , empire waist tops and dresses

Celebs who are an apple:


HOURGLASS: this body types shoulder and hips are wider than the waist

Your fashion goals:SHOW OFF THOSE CURVES !!!!

What to shop for: fitted dresses , wrap dresses and tops ,high waisted ,skinny jeans ,belts, trench coats

Celebs who are hourglass:


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