Milwaukee fashion icons: Bjorn Nasett


Bjorn Nasett is an amazing stylist, founder of fashion farmboy and goodwill style ambassador! His style and eye for finding fantastic fashion for a fraction of the designer price is like no other! I had the honor of getting to interview this powerhouse of the Milwaukee fashion scene this weekend!

Baublesandbling :Tell me about your journey getting into the fashion

Bjorn: I grew up on a farm, so my ideas came from magazines and television. This was long before the
internet! I remember from an early age making costumes and my mom actually taught me how to use her sewing machine before I was in my teens. I worked as a stylist for hair and make up for a photographer starting at 17, and on the side was buying vintage clothing and reselling it to the vintage boutiques starting up in Madison, WI. So that’s it in a nutshell! Later I became a stylist and columnist for regional publications M Magazine, and Milwaukee Magazine.

Baubles :You’ve been styling all over , I saw you were recently in NYC . So why stay in Milwaukee . What to you makes Milwaukee an up and coming scene for fashion?

Bjorn:I always say that
success and style don’t have an address or zip code. Making an impact on how people think of fashion is much easier in a city like Milwaukee, now more than ever before. The fact is that technology now allows us ALL to access fashion no matter where we live.

Baubles:If you could style any celebrity , who would it be and why?

Bjorn:I am a big fan of Charlize Theron. I love her Dior ads. She epitomizes a woman who can wear anything without being to precious about it.

Baubles:Who are your
fashion icons?

Bjorn: There are the usual suspects like Audrey Hepburn, but I would also say Lauren Hutton, Bianca Jagger, Katharine Hepburn, Diana Vreeland, Iris Apfel, there are so so many!!!!

Baubles: What are your favorite trends coming into fall 2013? Or spring 2013
I like the full circle skirt trend. It feels fresh and new again for some reason. It can be done short, long, or anywhere in between. It fits a variety of women, and can be made up in a variety of fabrics from leather to
quiltedbrocade. I also like the crop tops and jackets when worn with high waisted pants or pencil skirts. Vintage chic!

Baubles:You work with goodwill as a style ambassador. What are your fave tips for finding affordable fashion and still staying in trend ?

Bjorn: I always tell people to look at items with their eyes first. If you are not drawn to something, most likely no one else will. Next, go for quality construction and fabric. If it doesn’t feel rich it won’t look it. Tailored pieces are the best finds of all at Goodwill. When you really feel confident and love an item of clothing it shows when you wear it. Happiness and style go hand in hand, even though trends come and go. Iconic style is never trendy, but may incorporate the latest trends in subtle ways.

Baubles: What’s one item in your closest you could never live without?

Bjorn: A well fitted blazer. Worn with a t-shirt and jeans and some awesome shoes and accessories, it just never misses the mark!

Baubles:What advice would you give aspiring stylist ?

Bjorn: Develop your own point of view filtered through your own experiences, not those of others. It will give your fashion voice resonance and gravity. If you just copy the trends, you’ll be a couture cookie cutter! Offer to work on fashion shows, photo shoots, and anything that you can put your skills to the test with. Experience is the best teacher of all! Last but not least, look at fashion magazines and start to understand your likes and dislikes. No one wants a stylist who is afraid to offer a valid opinion.

Be sure to check out Bjorn at

One thought on “Milwaukee fashion icons: Bjorn Nasett

  1. Love this blog. I shop at Goodwill, and I always try to find great style there. Now with the help of Bjorn and Pamela..I cant miss.

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