Milwaukee fashion icon : Zoe Silberstein


Zoe Silberstein is an up and coming Eco friendly designer in the Milwaukee fashion scene. Her line has been seen in Fashion Week MKE and she has launched an Etsy site where you can get a piece of her collection. Her unique eye for designing Eco-friendly designs with such whimsy and ethereal feel make these pieces one of a kind. And here is the best part! All of her clothing is good for you and the environment. I had the privilege to interview Zoe this past week and get the inside scoop.

PK: Tell me about your collection.

ZS:My clothes are made mostly of hemp blended fabric such as Hemp/silk, hemp/tensil, hemp/corduroy. I make clothes that enchance a woman’s spirit, they are comfortable, elegant and versatile. I make a little something for every one, different age grounps and the lines blur when it comes to creating an ensemble with various pieces.

PK: What was your journey like getting into the fashion industry full time ?

ZS:Well, I have been designing for about 30 years but just dabbled in it but now I decided that I want to make a living doing what I love. I just feel so much stronger now that I quit drinking 2-1/2 years ago and this is part of my healing journey,..learning to believe in myself and making it happen,..I want to share that with young ladies who are learning to embrace their power..such as my Daughter,.. we want to collaborate and help young women find their true inner strength. Iam going to be launching a kick starter in November to raise money for my clothing line and help young ladies find their inner strength.

PK: What inspires you for your designs? Where do you draw inspiration from?

ZS:A lot of my ideas come to me in my inspiration,..through dreams and the desire to make clothes that aren’t too form fitting but can yield to a woman’s natural beauty. One of my inspirations was from a friend who practiced tae kwon do also different cultures such as Japan and India. (I was looking at the third question here)

PK: What are the benefits of Eco-friendly clothing?

ZS:The benefits of eco-friendly clothing are many!…it’s good for the environment and hemp in particular is warmer in the cold weather and cooler when worn in warmer climates. It is chemical free and user friendly on your body.

PK: What are the challenges of making a sustainable line like yours?

ZS: I guess the biggest challenge that I see right now is the cost of the fabric, but I believe buying clothing made from eco friendly fabrics is really an investment as the fabric is durable and long lasting ..I consider my designs to be timeless,..I dont neccesarily follow the current trends but always seem to be in tune with what is needed and coming..

PK: What advice would you give to aspiring designers?

ZS: My advice to an aspiring designer is if that is what your heart is calling you to do never give up and always believe in yourself because if your being called it is a gift that you are meant to give back to the world.

PK: One last fun one. If you could have any celebrity wear your line , who would it be and why?

ZS: If I could dress any celebrity I think it would be Oprah,..I think my clothes speak to the same people that she reaches,..women that are reaching into their deepest depths and finding their true purpose and spirituality,..I hope my clothes are and outward reflection of that.

Make sure you check out Zoe’s Etsy site at : queenofseams/etsy




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