Girl on the go


I have recently had a new mom write to me, asking what she could do to still look good but not spend a lot of time getting ready. Well I have some tips for all of you ladies! Keep in mind this isn’t just for new moms cause as most of you know, the only thing I’m a mother to is a 4 yr old cocker spaniel. These tips are great for girls on the go, new mothers or people who just don’t feel like spending hours getting ready to look fab! Here are my fave “girl on the go” beauty tips.


Ladies you don’t have to succumb to the pony tail any longer! There are plenty of fab easy to do hair styles that take less then 10 mins and will make you look like a fashionista !

1. Top knot : one of the biggest trends this season ! Super easy to do and one if my fave looks! All you need is a hair tie and bobby pins .


2. Sock bun: this is the top knot older more classy sister 🙂 little more sophisticated but just as easy to do! You can get sock bun markers at h and m for $3 or you can cut the foot off a sock and roll it up . Slide the sock over your ponytail. Fan hair around it and bobby pin as needed wrap a piece of hair around the bun to make it finished .


3.Braids: my favorite are the fishtail braid or braiding your bangs back. This gives a casual more laid back look. And keeps the hair out of your face 🙂



4.the pouf pony: this is a twist on the classic ponytail. Just tease the crown , pull it back , spray it with hair spray and your good to go!


You can have a makeup routine down to 10 mins easily! Just stick to the classics and the basics.

1. Foundation : bare minerals are easy to apply, stay on all day and won’t feel like you are wearing a ton of makeup!


2. Eye makeup: keep is simple and classic, do some neutral eye shadow , black liner and mascara

20131022-200607.jpg( photo from small

3. Lips: I would stick with something neutral oooooooor if you really wanted to be bold, go for red! But do a long wear red lipstick so you won’t have to do a lot of touch ups!


To happy shopping ladies :)!

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