Celebrate your curves


Everywhere you look young girls and women are influenced by the media, telling them that in order to be considered beautiful they need to be a certain shape and size. I remember growing up feeling the pressure to lose weight just to be able to wear the fashion trends everyone was wearing. Not until I went to college did I realize that the size number doesn’t matter, it’s the fit of what you are wearing that matters. One of my biggest pet peeves as a stylist is when people get so hung up on the numbers. Let me tell you something , fashion doesn’t have a weight limit or a size cut off! That’s what is so great about fashion, there is literally something out there for everybody! You just have to know where to find it. Too often you find plus size clothing all looking the same. Aka basic colors , boxy cuts and no fashion to them. Well I found some great plus size websites that have pieces that will not only flatter you but let you shine your inner fashion goddess aswell. So I challenge every women to stop judging fashion by the numbers. Who cares if you have to get something in a size bigger if need be, the fact that you are wearing a well fitting piece of clothing can actually make you look smaller then the size smaller would have. Knowing your body and what works for you is key. And now that there are some great plus websites and designers there is no reason to hide those curves!!!! Show off what you got and be proud of the curves God gave you:)
Here are some of my top plus size websites this season:





So make sure you check out these sites and happy shopping 🙂

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