Best winter Beauty products


Well now that it is the first day of December this means winter is right around the corner. As we all know with winter comes some beauty battles we all face every year. From chapped lips to dry skin, I have come up with a compilation for beauty products that I have tried and have noticed have worked the best so you can look your best this winter.

Issue: dry,brittle, dull hair

HERSTYLER serum. This serum goes on smooth , isn’t greasy and leaves your hair feeling silky soft! I have tried every serum you can think of and was a slave to Moroccan oil for years. After trying this on a whim, I not only have been converted to this product, but so has all of my friends! You can find this on for $70


Coconut oil: I’am OBSESSED with coconut oil hair masks! I change up the look of my hair all the time so my hair is usually pretty dry and brittle. Applying a coconut oil hair mask 2 times a week, leaving it on over night and rinsing it out in the morning has saved my hair! You can find coconut oil at any health good store for about $6

Biotin: Taking biotin will not only make your hair stronger and thicker but it will also make it longer 🙂


Issue: Chapped Lips

BITE Beauty whipped cherry lip scrub: Found at Sephora for $18, this scrub will get your pout ready to rock all the seasons fabulous lipstick shades. Smells yummy and makes your lips silky smooth and free of any dry skin:)


Smiths rose bud salve: this is smooth , non sticky and smells amazing! You can find it at sephora for $6


Issue: Cracked Cuticles

LUSH lemony flutter : this organic , all natural line of products feel fresh and work so well! The cuticle cream helps heal cracked cuticles and smells lemony fresh:)


Issue: Dry Skin

Remedy: Benefit total moisture face cream is thick but not heavy and provides a ton of moisturizing. It’s not greasy and a little goes a long way!


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