Midi dresses: matronly or subtlety sexy?


Marc Jacobs 20131218-195401.jpg

Marni 20131218-195311.jpg

Miu Miu

Midi dresses are showing up on red carpets and fashion magazines all over the world. And most of the time I get mixed reactions from people about this new trend. People think that they can be matronly and they can be if they don’t fit properly. In my personal opinion I think with the proper tailoring and following some simple tips when buying a midi , these can turn out to be subtlety sexy.
So make sure you are watching the length of where the hem line is hitting you on your calves. You want it to ideally be just below the widest part of your calf right where is starts to taper. You want the waist to be fitted to give you an hour glass figure. This style isn’t something to attempt oversize, because that will just add volume to your body shape. Midis can be worn on any body type, it’s just all about the tailoring. So go out try it out and rock that Midi:)


Here are some great midi dresses Ive found on ASOS!





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