2014 style resolutions

The new year is right around the corner and most people are planning their resolution to make 2014 better then ever. Well I have some fashion resolutions I think every women should make for this coming year! This way you can have your most stylish year yet. Here is the 2014 fashion resolution/ pledge every women should take!

This year I will:
1. Never leave the house in pajamas

2. I will stop looking at sizes and start looking at fit

3. I will find a great tailor and get my clothes altered to fit me properly

4. I will always have on at least one accessory

5. I will always dress like today is the day I’m gonna: meet the man off dreams , get the promotion , or end up on tv for something

6. I will not hide behind the color black and add color in my wardrobe

7. I will not let my busy lifestyle be an excuse for lacking style

8. I will take the time to have a good skin care regimen because I only get one face.

9. I will try a new beauty trend every season

10. I will stop cutting down the areas of my body I don’t like and start praising the parts I love! Dress with confidence !

Happy 2014 coming up and let’s have the most stylish year yet


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