Silversark: Sanctuary

Last night I had the honor of attending  the spring 2014 collection fashion show for Siversark: Sanctuary. This show blew my mind. For those of you not familiar with Silversark let me give tell you a little about them. Silversark is a Gothic, Steam Punk one of a kind clothing line that was started in 2005 by  Stephanie who is a self taught designer.  Every piece in the collection is hand made and one of a kind. The quality in the pieces she creates is far beyond words. In this collection titled Sanctuary, she used a trip to the Netherlands and church architecture as her inspiration. The fabrics were created from pictures of stained glass windows she took on her trip and the necklaces were made of pieces of polished stained glass. Everything in this collection was so intricate that every time you looked at a piece you saw a new detail that literally took your breath away. If you want to have a Fashion MOMENT and make a statement please check out Silversark at and Facebook at


The Designer Stephanie 



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