I had the honor of getting to interview Lizzi Weasler, Owner of LizziBeth, a Milwaukee, WI based online accessory boutique. Her site has been one of my fave and go to sites for fabulous jewelry that will always make any outfit stand out. From yummy statement necklaces to chunky scarves, this site has something for everyone. And trust me if your weren’t an accessory addict like myself before you visit Lizzbeth, you will be by the time you fill up your online shopping cart:)

Tell me about your journey getting into the industry.

I took quite a round about journey to get into the fashion industry. I have always had what most would say a “passion for fashion” but never really though about it transpiring into an actual career. I began my real world experience as a Civil Engineer. Math always had a soft spot in my heart so I figured why not try a career that is obsessed with numbers. After hunching over a desk from 9-5 I got the itch to take a leap of faith and move to NYC to work for Teen Vogue, J.Crew and The Vintage Twin. After making only one Excel spreadsheet the whole time and swimming in labels and subway sweat, I decided to move back to the Midwest. Chicago was my next stop where I got a job working in Finance and Risk Management at an energy company. I finally got my numbers game back but was still plopped in front of a computer screen for the majority of my waking hours. The pressure began to build to stop furthering other company’s goals and aspire to be my own boss. I always knew I wanted to start my own business, but I never had a clear idea of what it would be. I finally took a leap of faith and began to just write ideas down. This is where the idea of Lizzibeth was born. What I thought Lizzibeth would be from the start to what it is today is completely different, but I have learned to adjust accordingly to make Lizzibeth a growing company.

What is your favorite way to accessorize?

My favorite way to accessorize is with layered statement necklaces and bracelet stacks. Since I’m not one for working out on the regular, I qualify lifting a few pounds of gems throughout the day a sufficient way to burn some calories.

What are the top 10 accessories a girl should own?

Basic Gold/Rose Gold/Silver Watch (any size)

Classic Tote bag that can fit your laptop

Envelope Clutch that dubs as a going out purse and then tote bag insert

A Pair of Black and Nude Pumps for any occasion

Long Chain Pendant Necklace to spice up your wardrobe

Baseball Hat for those not so great hair days

Mini Wallet (fits just credit cards and cash so you can slip it into your jacket pocket or your envelope clutch)

Obnoxiously Chunky Scarf that may be confused with a blanket

Stacking Bracelets to add that extra jingle at work

Comfy Neutral Color Flats when your feet need a rest from the heels

What advice would you give to someone that wants to get into this industry or start their own business? 

Make a plan. The fashion industry is a place where you need a plan and experience. When making a plan, you must first do research in the area in which you would like to work. Sometimes you are not sure what to focus on so you can take on as much fashion exposure as possible. Work at a local boutique or mall, intern at a fashion magazine or just have coffee with other people in fashion world. This will set a great foundation to take baby steps towards owning your own business.

Who is your style Icon?

Coco Chanel

Describe your personal style

I would say my personal style is classic-modern. I wear black like it’s my job, but love keeping it fresh with structured layering pieces and textures.

What does the coming year look like for Lizzibeth? any events or promotions coming up? 

Lizzibeth is looking at a great 2014. It has already been such a successful year and we were excited to celebrate 1 year in business this past March. Lizzibeth will be at a few open to the public events in the coming months so be sure to check out social media for updates!

Social Media

Facebook: Lizzibeth, LLC

Instagram: @ShopLizzibeth

Twitter: @ShopLizzibeth

Pinterest: Shop Lizzibeth


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