Crystal Gerard

ImageOne of my fave parts of doing what I do is getting to talk and connect with some amazing people in the industry! On a recent trip to the fashion capitol of the United states, New York, I had the honor of getting my hair done by fabulous hair stylist Crystal Gerard From Arrojo Salon. While she is originally from Milwaukee ,she has been in the New York City hair styling scene for 20yrs and she literally gave me the most amazing hair cut! She let me have the honor of doing an interview and listen up ladies cause she knows what she is talking about!!!!



Tell me about your journey of breaking into the industry.

When I was a teenager, I used to babysit for my niece and cut her hair.  Even though I didn’t know what I was doing, it still looked pretty good.  Fast forward, I got a scholarship through my high school and went to Beauty school after finishing high school.  Worked in Milw. for years.  Moved to NYC 20 years ago–worked and was an educator for famed Bumble & bumble for 17 years and taught all over the country as well as fashion week in Paris and Milan.  Now working at Arrojo studio


What are some of the biggest Hair mistakes women make? 

Stretching out hair appointments too long.  It’s counter-intuitive because once they do come in, the ends are so weakened that they end up having to cut off more than they may want to.  Most people can get away with 4-5 times a year or more for shorter hair.  A great cut lasts!


What are your favorite hair products ? 

 One of my fave products is Klorane dry shampoo–I used it for many years.  Also, Nioxin extra hold aerosol spray for fine, fragile hair.


Tell me about your personal style.

My personal style varies between the eras of 50’s-70’s.  I love 60’s mod dresses, cuts of tops from the 50’s and 70’s flare leg jeans (which are NOT easy to find with that skinny leg trend).  I’ve always walked to the beat of my own drum…


How do you feel someones hairstyle contributes to someones personal style ? 

Hairstyles are SO important to someone’s personal style because that is their “crowing glory”  You wear it every day and if it doesn’t look good, no matter how good the clothes are, it won’t be put together.


What advice would you give someone who is trying to break into the industry? 

My advice to someone getting into the industry would be to absorb everything around you like a sponge.  Get education from various sources.  I went to London right after graduating for classes and was inspired ever since by the creative culture, style and individuality.  The real learning comes after school when you’re in the working world.  It’s an amazing industry because you are fulfilled every day by making people happy and beautiful.  I still love it after 25 years and feel I haven’t “worked” a day in my life.e

Here is my awesome before and after pic from my hair cut with Crystal: 







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