2 fashion secret weapons every woman should have: a tailor and CONFIDENCE

Hello my lovely, amazing blog followers! I know it has been a while since I have been on here to talk all things fabulous and stylish with you guys. But that just means I have so much awesome fashion advice and insider tips built up to last a LONG time! So lets dive right on in!

This summer I have been kind of a style chameleon. One day Im goth and rocker, one day Im hippie and boho, the next day Im classic and preppy. There doesn’t need to be one style that defines you! This is why fashion is so FAB! The tip and point I want to get across today is no matter what shape, size and body type you are YOU CAN pull off any trend that is out there today! Wether it is crop tops and floral head bands or high waisted acid wash bottoms and gladiator sandals. YOU can wear it and there are 2 key things you need to pull off any look! 1. FIT and 2. CONFIDENCE!

First lets talk about Fit. The key to having perfectly fitting clothes is to find a good TAILOR. Now this is going to come as a shock ladies but I want you to stop looking at the size of the clothes and start look at the FIT! GASP! I know you are all thinking that I’m insane cause God forbid you actually have to go up a size or two. But you need to start with dressing the largest part of your body and then you can get the rest taken in. I promise you a size bigger item that is tailored to be fitted will be more slimming them cramming yourself into a smaller size for the simple fact that the label says your a certain number. Since when is your style defined by a number anyways right! So shop for how it FITS ladies!!! Tailoring isn’t that expensive and it will be worth it! Tailoring your pieces will make every outfit a statement.

Secondly you need Confidence. Rock your outfits like EVERY man in that room is looking at ya is the key! Accept that everyone has their flaws and that if everyone looked the same life would be really boring! There is no one that has the same beauty like you, each and every one of you is unique and you need to wear your outfit knowing that no outfit will look exactly the same on two different people so make it memorable! Know that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL and confidence is the sexiest thing a women can wear!

Now I know this isn’t a outfit post or my top picks for the season post but I feel like since I’m Relaunching my site that I should start from the basics to styling. Now go out there ladies and get to shopping




2 thoughts on “2 fashion secret weapons every woman should have: a tailor and CONFIDENCE

  1. great post!! a tailor is definitely any girl’s best friend 😉 ❤

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