How to drastically change your hair color and still keep it healthy looking!


Most people that know me know that I can never keep a hair color for longer then a year! I have been dying it since I was 12…sooooooo for 14 yrs now I have been putting my hair through hell all to have the hair color that fits my mood at that moment. Ive been blonde, black, red, brown and at one time purple ( before the purple hair trend was cool I might add). Now, I have done it he healthy, safe way of changing it from dark to light gradually or with highlights. And I have done it the not so healthy way of just bleaching it 4 times in a day to get the perfect platinum hair and in turn having a lot of it fall out or break off from the damage. That being said you can make a drastic change and still have beautiful locks! Granted you will have to come to terms that if you are going from Dark to light you will probably have to get a hair cut to get rid of the ends if you don’t already get a chemical haircut. lol So here are my go to products and helpful tips on how to keep healthy hair after a drastic dye job. Keep in mind, Iam not a hair stylist, I style clothes, but this is what has worked for me.

1. Coconut oil masks: I do these 2 times a week regardless but after I do some serious damage to my locks I throw coconut oil on my hair root to tip and throw and shower cap on and sleep with it in. This is like my life saver! Now keep in mind this can be messy but it is so worth it. Your hair will feel softer and look healthier by the time you wake up.

2. Moroccan Oil: This is my pick me up for my hair after styling it. Sometimes coloring your hair can take some of the shine away from you. Applying this after styling will make hair nice and smooth

3. Deep conditioner: Now when I would go from dark to blonde I would use a thick deep conditioner EVERY DAY as a daily moisturizer for my hair. This helped prevent knots when brushing and made it so much softer.

Now you can make your hair your best accessory and change it up whenever you want!




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