Edgy chic

My fave trend this winter is suuuuuuper dark lips. This can be hard to pull off but it’s such a chic statement that I can’t seem to stop rocking new colors! Burgundy , eggplant and even black have been on my lipstick rotation as of late. And with sporting this look I have been getting a ton a requests for tips on how to make it work, and what colors I use. So here you go ladies!!!!!

The colors I have been using :

Burgundy: the shade is hang up by MAC. This is such a great color and can be used with almost any outfit. It’s like the dark lipped neutral of the options



Black: Fergie wet and wild now the trick with this one is to line your lips in black fine point eye liner first. This will prevent feathering. I prefer to not add gloss to this and to leave it matte. This is such a chic option to make a makeup statement.



Now my Do’s and Dont’s for rocking this look:

DO line your lips to prevent feathering , you can also over line to give the appearance of a fuller lip

DO let this be your makeup statement let the rest be simple

DONT have over done eyes with this look, this will give the emo, punk look instead of a chic fashion statement

DONT have a busy outfit with this less is more and keep it with chic pieces

DO be confident and rock it!

4 thoughts on “Edgy chic

  1. OMG have you tried Younique’s new lip stains!? That stuff is kiss proof! They have some awesome colors too!

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