Plus size Swim Wear that are Destined to turn heads!

Swimsuit shopping is a lot of girls least favorite things to do. And I used to be one of those girls too! I remember the days of leaving a fitting room practically in tears because I couldn’t find a swim suit that looked good on my body type and everything that fit me properly looked like I belonged at a senior center. Well I have been on a mission to find sexy fun,swim wear for us curvy fashionistas so you don’t have to have those fitting room blues ever again! Here are my top 3 plus size swim wear sites.

1. ASOS CURVE: They have everything from sexy one pieces to sporty bikinis

2. This site has great blogger collabs and have bigger cup sizes for the large chested ladies!

3. Forever 21 plus: very reasonably priced and great basics that you can mix and match

Below are my 2 favorite suits! The one piece is from ASOS curve and the two piece is from Forever 21

Happy Shopping Curvy Fashionistas!



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