Curvy Babes Count

This week I don’t want to talk about fashion or trends. I want to talk about a matter that has really hit me hard the last few days.   Instagram banning the words Curvy, BBW , and Thick. Yet you can still use the words Skinny, Thin, Twig. This to me is embarrassing how close minded this makes instagram look.Why do most curvy girls prefer that word over any other word used to describe plus size women? Because society portrays that being called FAT or  FULL FIGURED is a put down, that it isn’t ok to be those things. And personally I think we need to start embracing these words .Why does society think that being Curvy is  unacceptable ? When did it become a life shattering thing to be a double digit size ? I will tell you right now that Curvy women are just as sexy and fabulous as anyone else.  WE ARE CURVY WOMEN. WE are girlfriends, daughter, wives , mothers and friends. WE are successful women. WE are the women who can go to the gym and kick ass in a workout class and the girl you can take for ice cream . WE are the women who can fill out some sexy lingerie as well as those yoga pants all the men love. WE are the women who LOVE our bodies and aren’t ashamed of them. SO SHAME ON YOU instagram for banning the words that describe us fabulous fashionistas. I think us as curvy women need to UNITE and show that we will not be banned like we are something to be ashamed of but that we are BEAUTIFUL and should be CELEBRATED. So please post a picture of your best look showcasing your amazing curves and us the hashtag #curvybabescount and lets start a movement people! Lets show the people at Instagram just how FABULOUS the words Curvy and thick can be!


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