Sheer madness 


This is an outfit that a few years ago I wouldn’t have ever DREAMED of wearing. But let me tell you this was not only liberating but I want to wear this all the time now! This sheer lace dress can be layered in many different ways. From a simple body con dress for a more demure look or high waisted bottoms and a sexy bra like I did! You really can control the level of skin you wanna show! The leather jacket and platforms add a rocker edge while the pink monogrammed clutch adds a touch of feminism to go with the lace. You won’t wanna pass up this fab dress from forever 21 for $24!
Dress: Forever  21+

Jacket: Express 

Bra: Victoria’s Secret 

Bottoms: Forever 21+

Shoes: Target 

Sunglasses : Rayban 

Purse: Benevolent Jewels 

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