So I bet I’am like most women in the world when I say that I’m ALWAYS on the hunt for the best makeup! One that makes you look flawless, that minimizes your pores and hides dark circles and what ever insecurity you want to hide that day lol. Well I went on a makeup HAUL and found some amazing products and I have to share them with all of you.


Foundation: KAT VON D lock- it Foundation in Light 48

This Is the holy grail of foundation. It not only stays on for 24hrs like it claims without creasing or fading, but the coverage is fantastic without feeling or looking caked on!



Concealer : KAT VON D lock- it concealer in light 18

This is used a lot by makeup artists for tattoo cover ups, so you know if it can cover up some serious ink that it can hide any imperfection on your face!  It won’t crease, or fade and is GREAT for under eyes!

foundation and concealrer .jpg

Bronzer:  TOO FACED Bronzed and  Poreless

This is the perfect shade of bronzer for light skin tones and with its matte finish it is great for contouring! While some bronzers leave your face looking like there is shadows on your pores this one HIDES your pores!



Highlighter: MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft and Gentle

This will have you looking like you should be at a candlelit  dinner all the time lol. This has perfect pearly gold flecks that make you look beaming !



Now last but not least I know that this isn’t a makeup product but Im still Obsessed with it.

Body Butter: Juara Body Creme in Candlenut.

This is such a smooth body cream but provides some serious moisture and makes your skin silky smooth. PLUS its smells amazing !!!! I can’t get enough of it!





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