Weekend Getaway Essentials

Weekend getaway


If you have been following my instagram @pamelakieck , you would have seen that I just got back home from going to Chicago Fashion Week. Well this has given me the traveling bug and I love a good weekend getaway, they are just enough time away to make you feel refreshed and relaxed from the chaos that is life. So, I thought I would share with you my weekend getaway essentials that make your little mini vacay perfect.


A Fun Weekender Bag: Who says that luggage has to be boring?? Why not use it as an opportunity to accessorize and show off your personality! You want one that is durable, roomy ( if you are like me and tend to OVER pack ) and good quality.

Travel Candle:  This is my favorite way to make a hotel feel a little more like home. Relax in a big bubble bath, light your candle, order some champagne and de-stress. It is small enough to just throw in your bag and yet it makes such a big impact on my weekend away.

SWELL bottle: At first I wasn’t too sure about the hype of these bottles, but now that I have one I can honestly say that Im HOOKED. I take this everywhere I go. With the bottle being able to keep beverages cold for 24hrs or hot for 12hrs Plus keeping carbonation, its perfect for any cocktail or beverage on your getaway. Whether by the pool or packed for your day of shopping, it is a must.

Sunscreen: Many people don’t know that I had a skin cancer scare when I was in college. So since then I have become religious about applying sunscreen everyday. This Chanel makeup base also has SPF 40 which stays on all day and doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy.

Accessories: A hat, lightweight scarf and sunglasses are great pieces that you can layer on and off of any look. These are key pieces that can turn any outfit into a head turner.

Comfortable/ stylish shoes: You will never see me in a tennis shoe unless Im at the gym so that is never an option when it comes to walking around on vacay.  Finding a stylish shoe that is comfortable like these oxfords, that will not only be comfy but will be versatile with a ton of different outfit ideas is essential.

Lightweight scent: A scent that you can build. Wearing one or 2 sprays for day and maybe adding more for night. Something that isn’t too dramatic. That is why I love Jo Malone cologne. Its the perfect fragrance that will go with everything on your trip.

Sleep Mask:  Sometimes it can be hard to fall asleep in a hotel. I found that having a sleep mask helps ensure that I get a good night sleep. And it is perfect for naps on planes  or sleeping in the car on road trips :).Since Breakfast at Tiffany’s is my all time favorite movie, I couldn’t resist this one that was replicated after the one Audrey wore.

FUJIFILM Instax Mini Camera: This takes Instant mini photos, like the old school polaroid cameras from back in the day! This is the perfect camera to take fun pix for a collage and capturing that favorite moment.




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