White out

Liz Klein | Photography & DesignLiz Klein | Photography & Design

Liz Klein | Photography & Design
Liz Klein | Photography & Design

Liz Klein | Photography & Design

I have been challenging myself to break out of my comfort zone lately in all areas of my life. Being it talking to the hot guy at the coffee shop, trying a new workout class that I’ve been intimidated to try, and breaking away from my typical all black “uniform ” that I tend to gravitate to. For many women, especially plus size women,  wearing all white is taboo. That wearing black is the only way to look slim and that white will show off EVERYTHING that they want to hide. Well Iam here to tell you that that is not the case. Making sure you have the right fit and sizing will be key in an all white outfit but it can be just as flattering if not MORE flattering than an all black outfit. Plus all white shows off your tan even more. Another stigma with wearing white is the old fashion rule that you can only wear white between memorial day and labor day. Let me tell you that is a bunch of crap! Fashion rules are meant to be broken:) So I challenge all of you to try something out of your comfort zone this coming week, you will be surprised what it does for your own self confidence.

Jeans: Old navy

Top: City Chic ( old ) Similar

Blazer: Vintage Similar

Sandals: Torrid


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