Planning a memorable Party

party planning



I love celebrating birthdays, bridal showers, baby showers, or even just the weekend with my friends! lol Planning a memorable party for you or someone you love is actually really simple and fun! Here are some of my planning tips:

  1. Make a Vision Board.

I use Polyvore to make a vision board for the party. What inspiration do you want to pull from ? What kind of vibe do you want? Is there a theme? Is this going to be a large party or a small get together?

The graphic above is actually the vision board for my 28th birthday  coming up in May ! Which is going to be a cute garden tea party with my closest friends.

2. Color Scheme

This will help make sure the whole party flows together and is cohesive. Picking 2-3 colors that you want to be the main colors will make the whole party more visually appealing

3. The essentials:

This to me is the floral arrangements, balloons, candles and table settings! I also love adding good lighting or paper lanterns/ decor to give it more whimsy. Anything that adds depth and dimension to the party to make it eye catching.

Also what kind of food do you want? Finger food or a catered meal or maybe even a potluck? Make sure that the food flows with the theme. You wouldn’t want ribs at a garden tea party.

4. The extras:

Throw in some Cute accessories to give the party some character! ( Like the Pineapple place card holders in my vision board )

A signature cocktail. Make this cocktail be something inspired by the guest of honor. Name it and Write it on a cute chalk board and make it a memorable moment for the party goers.

Always have something extra for the guest of honor. Be it a special chair at the head of the table or whatever you might choose.

Have little gifts for the guests at the place settings ( like macaroons  or personal champagne and mini oj for a mimosa kit)

5. Have Fun!

Planning  a party is all about celebrating someone or something you love! Be creative and have a good time !

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