Tech Less

In this era where technology is in everyones finger tips at any given moment, it is sometimes hard to remember that we need to have times where we break away from the screen and actually have real authentic life moments. It seems everything you could possibly want to do is with the touch of a button , you can shop, date and even become famous just with your screen. I have to admit that I am  notorious for always being glued to my screen, but recently I have been making a conscious effort to break away and have some off tech time. And with this new challenge I have given myself I have found some go to tips on how to make the tech withdrawal a little bit easier. lol


Tip 1: Kick Technology out of the bedroom

Plugging your phone into an outlet to charge at the end of the night in an outlet on the opposite side of the room or out of your room completely  will help you not only be tempted to check it but also it will help you to get some amazing sleep . Falling asleep with tech devices or even while watching your latest netflix binge will keep you from getting the best sleep you could possibly get. And with my crazy schedule I need all the prime Z’s I can get.


Tip 2: Make phones off limits when your are with Friends

This one was a hard one for me. We all have the habit to get together with friends and our phones are on the table or right next to us. You all check them every time they buzz to see who got that text. This is all taking away from your actual interaction with your loved ones! So keep your phone on silent and in your purse. Actually have a real conversation.


Tip 3: Find your zen

Going to  mediate on the beach or floating in a float pod are my go to ways to find my zen. They have sensory deprivation to make you focus on your center and really become more aware. Snapping you out of that fog that too much tech time can give you. Find a way to find your zen.


Outfit details:

Jacket : Old Navy

Dress: Old (similar)

Necklace: old ( Similar)


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