Tips for the perfect selfie


Im a self diagnosed selfie addict, I admit it. Let me tell you taking a good selfie is an art form. You need to have the right lighting and filter and pose! Here are my top 5 tips for getting the perfect shot! 
1. Make sure you have good lighting. I tend to like natural lighting. Not only is it brighter and not so harsh on your skin, it’s the easiest to edit! ( and yes I hate to break it to you but editing is key) 

2. Know how to pose or get a signature pose. Mine is the wide eyes and no smile selfie lol 

3. Get a good angle. If you have a round face like myself you want to take the selfie from slightly about eye level and pointed down. This will make your face look narrower 

4. Edit edit edit! I use facetune and visco cam aps. It will help get the stray hairs tamed, your pimple vanish and can also adjust lighting and color. 

5. Have fun! You can tell when a selfie is forced! Have fun and be creative with your selfie! 

Now on to the outfit: this ENTIRE look is from OLDNAVY! yes, you heard me right! This dress is so comfy and the colors are amazing! Paired with a denim vest and some flat sandals this is the perfect look to hit the beach in or get Sunday brunch with the girls! 

Make sure you go to Old Navy to get all of your fab summer essentials! 

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