Chic Office Space for a Girl Boss


Having an in home work space is important when you are a blogger! It’s a place that I can focus on the site and not get distracted from all the Netflix that’s awaiting in my bedroom and all the snacks that are in my kitchen. My theory is that an office space shouldn’t be a place of chaos but a place that is zen and peaceful. Work can be stressful and to have a pretty place to get work done is key to maintaining mental clarity at work. Here are some things that I found that help with creating the perfect work space that will not only keep you motivated but also be one the chicest rooms in your house.


  1. The Desk: This should be something chic, timeless and also functional. Have it be a neutral color, has some sort of storage with it ( drawers to shelves). This is going to be the main Hub of your in home office so make sure that its a piece that you ENJOY spending time at.
  2. Accessories: This can mean functional accessories lilt a desk top organizer to keep all of your papers in order, or decor accessories like an awesome light box or a cute neon sign to put about the desk and give some cheer.
  3. Coziness: Faux fur blankets to wrap yourself up in when you are cold and a good smelling candle to make you work space a sanctuary for your creativity. These elements will make it feel less like work to be there and more like a comfy spot to channel all of your awesome ideas.
  4. The Chair: This is going to be where you will be sitting for all hours of the day and night working on your business, so make sure this is somewhere that is COMFORTABLE. Trust me if the chair is comfy working doesn’t seem to be so bad:)
  5. Plants: Im a sucker for succulents. They are easy to maintain and they are so chic to have in your office.
  6. Lighting: I like having a lot of natural light in my workspace. Not only because it makes for he best selfie/ instagram pic lighting but also because it keeps you in a good headspace to get the most productive work.

So have fun finding the perfect space for you to achieve all of your girl boss dreams and get to work ladies!

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