DIY Makeup Remover

I’m always looking for ways that I can try making DIY beauty projects. Trying to find a way to not save money but also using simple ingredients so that I know it won’t be harsh on my skin. These eye makeup Remover pads are not only simple and inexpensive but they work crazy good!!!! 
DIY Makeup Remover 

1c Hot water 

2tbsp coconut oil 

2tbsp cleansing oil 

1tsp witch hazel 

8-12 drops of essential oil for scent 


Cotton rounds 

Step 1: mix coconut oil,witch hazel, and cleansing oil together in jar. Then add hot water and mix well. Make sure it is hot water to melt the coconut oil into a liquid.

Step 2: add an essential oil of your choice for scent. I used lavender de-stress oil. 

Step 3: add the cotton rounds to mixture. Press down until all rounds are coated with mixture and the liquid is all absorbed.

Step 4: keep them in your bathroom and use them as needed! These are great for getting off all makeup especially eye makeup! 

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