Snow White 

As I sit here in my office looking at the snow falling down, and I’m not talking cute Lifetime movie worthy snowfall, I’m talking like Snowmageddon style thanks to this polar vortex here in Wisconsin. I thought I would do a post showcasing this fabulous winter white dress that is perfect for all the rule breakers this holiday season. There has been a ” fashion rule” to not wear white after Labor Day for as long as I can remember and while I’ve always been a rule breaker and  did things my own way, a lot of people seem to still follow this adage. To me there is something so chic and crisp about wearing white in winter. You have this angelic look when you are wearing white and snow falling down outside. So when I found this dress I knew I wasn’t going to wait till summer to wear it. In the pictures above ( which was a lot warmer out when they were shot) I paired it with some studded booties and a clutch. Now that it is bitter freezing cold out, I would pair it with some tights or leather leggings , boots and a great coat! Dont let fashion ” rules ” hold you back from wearing what you love, because sometimes those ends up being some of the best outfits yet:) 


Booties:Nasty Gal ( same website but the ones I have on are older) 

Clutch: Rebecca Minkoff

Watch:Michael Kors

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