A perfect fit featuring SLINK 

Let’s be real for a minute ladies, there are 3 things that are the absolute worst to shop for: swimsuits , bras and jeans! We have all been there trying on what seems like a hundred pairs of denim trying to find the perfect fit. But we always run into the same issues, too loose in the legs, doesn’t cover your booty, gives you that awkward gap in the back of the waist, or gives you the dreaded muffin top. Well ladies I too have felt this struggle many of times, so when I partnered with Slink Jeans I was skeptical. Yes, I’ve heard all the rave reviews about how comfy and flattering these jeans for curvy girls are. But I was gonna believe it when I see it. So when they arrived I ripped open the package so fast to try them on. And let me tell you, these are the BEST jeans I have ever worn. The length is perfect on my 5’10 frame, no gapping or muffin top, they dont stretch out and they are so soft and comfy! These have been my go to pair of jeans ever since I have gotten them. So make sure you check them out and you will never have those fitting room denim horror moments ever again! 

Jeans: Slink Jeans
Hoodie: Slink Jeans

Jacket: Levi’s (old) 

Heels: Prada

Sunglasses: Express (old) 

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