Focusing on Wellness with YoungLiving 

I have always been intrigued by essential oils and the benefits that they have, but of course I had NO CLUE how to add them into my everyday life. How do you use them?  Which oil do you use for what? How much of the oils do you use?  For me the only oils I had any knowledge about was coconut oil that I use in my hair masks lol. So when I was decided to partner with Stefanie for a blog post on YoungLiving Essential Oils I admit, I was nervous. Fashion posts are easy for me but this is something I knew nothing about.
When I met with Stefanie, she was so knowledgeable and helpful. She was able to answer so many of my questions with ease and her knowledge about essential oils was so impressive. She was able to take what my goals were for using oils and make suggestions for what ones would work perfectly for my needs. If you are in the Milwaukee area, be sure to reach out to her if you are interested in Essential Oils.

So what are Essential oils?

  • They are aromatic liquids from plants that have hundreds therapeutic properties
  • They are very aromatic and absorb into the blood stream quickly
  • Odor-neutralizing
  • Emotionally uplifting and brings balance to the bodies systems

How do you use Essential oils?

  • Aromatically: This can be done by using a diffuser, sniffing it straight from the bottle or putting a few drops in your hand and cupping your hands over your nose to breath in.
  • Topically: Applying 1-4 drops to the desired area is great and when you don’t know where to apply , the bottom of the foot is always a good call. The bottom of your feet contain the largest pores and most nerve endings!
  • Internally: You can mix in a drink, put a few drops on your tongue, add to a capsule or even use as food flavoring. Keep in mind not all oils are meant to used internally so do your research!

I have been using these oils now for over 2 months testing for what ones I like the best and to really take the time to be able to speak about my experience with these oils. I have mainly been using them in a diffuser in my office or having them on hand in my bag to smell when I need it.

My Top Picks: ( keep in mind this is based off of my personal needs and my life, everyone is different)

Lavender: This is great for balancing the body, promote relaxation and to get a restful sleep! Lord know I need that with my schedule and crazy busy life.

Peppermint: This is awesome for a providing energy and a ” wake-me-up” or to maintain mental alertness and concentration. Which is great for long nights of blog writing.

Stress Away: Stimulating, refreshing and elevates the mood

Ningxia Red: This isn’t an oil at all. This is a beverage that is made from wolfberries and super fruits which helps sustain energy. Let me tell you, this stuff is DELICIOUS!

Check it out for yourself by contacting Stefanie Melo



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