Green machine 

I have always had a love affair with the color emerald! Idk if it was because I’m a May baby and the Emerald is my birthstone or because it goes so well with my green eyes. Lol who am I kidding it’s because every time I wear it, it makes me want to sing show tunes from Wicked and the Emerald City! Lol So when I saw this skirt, I had to have it and to my dismay it was sold out. After stalking the website for weeks in hopes of a restock I finally admitted defeat and that it wasn’t meant to be. But then, there is was, 1 skirt left and it was in my size!!!!!! I have never pulled out my credit card so fast in my life. This skirt is perfect for a many occasions .The material is very luxe and the length is great for tall girls! I’m 5’10 and it still skims the ground in heels. I kept it chic with a classic, white oxford shirt. But I cannot wait to pair it with a vintage band tee and leather jacket as well…… so the love affair continues. 

Skirt: Eloquii

Shirt: Brooks Brothers

Watch: Michael Kors ( old Similar)

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