How to care for your designer pieces! 

Designer pieces are a coveted by many women! These are pieces that can get passed down for generations. And since these tend to be such an investment it is key to take great care of them. Here are my tips for keeping your designer duds fab for years to come. 

1. Designer handbags: 

Always keep stored in the dust bag when the bag is not being used.

I just butcher paper to keep fill out the inside of the bag when not being used so that it still maintains its shape.

Be aware of untreated leather: Louis Vuitton bags have untreated leather handles ,it is normal for them to get darker the more you carry the bag from the oils in your skin. Untreated leather will get water damaged so clean with caution.

Condition: just like you condition your hair,you should clean and condition your bags with whatever is recommended by the designer.

2. Shoes: 

Protect them with weather proof spray, this will help prevent water stains 

Keep the bottoms good with resoling them when needed. With Louboutins you will need to find a cobbler that works with loubs . So when you resole them you still get that iconic red bottom.

Again I stuff the shoes with paper when not being worn to keep their shape 

Keep in dust bag or box when not being worn 

Get the heel caps replaced often 

Always dry clean or hand wash! NEVER PUT IN THE WASHING MACHINE.

Store out of direct sunlight to prevent discoloration 

Always store in a hard case when not being worn to prevent damage and scratches 

Clean with lens cleaner and a microfiber cloth 
Now that you know how to care for your pieces here are some of my fave websites for designer, designer consignment or vintage pieces! 

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