Getting perfect brows with Brow Studio MKE

I always want to try the latest and greatest when it comes to beauty treatments. So when I hear about microblading I was instantly intrigued. Which you can imagine my excitement when I partnered with Brow Studio MKE to get the treatment done. When I got to the studio, I was greeted by a very friendly front desk girl who had me fill out paperwork. Since microblading is a form of temporarily tattooing you have to fill out the forms like you are in fact getting a tattoo. Which I’m all too familiar with being that I, myself have 15 tattoos. 

After the paperwork was complete I was taken back to the brow room by Sabiha. She instantly put me at ease and was very easy to talk to. She looked at my brows and told me that I didn’t need microblading at all! I was shocked since I have such blonde eyebrows. She told me that yes, they are blonde but they are thick and full. Microblading is to make them look fuller which I do not need. Her honesty was refreshing. She instead suggested that we thread them and dye them to match my brunette hair better. As most of you know, I’m a natural blonde and I dye my hair dark. So dying my brows would eliminate having to fill in my brows to make them appear darker everyday. 

Sabiha proceeded to thread my brows into a perfect shape for my face. And then put the dye on them. It processes for about 15 mins and after words she cleaned it off and made sure everything was even and perfect. I was so impressed with how detailed she was with making them perfect. After seeing the final result I was so happy! I will always go back to this studio for my brows, not just because of my after look but because of the honesty they had with making sure I got the right treatment that was right for me and my brows. 

Make sure you check them out:) 

Brow Studio Mke 
P: (224) 433-9536


Mayfair Mall

2500 N Mayfair Rd,

Wauwatosa, WI 53226

(inside Mr. Dino’s hair salon)

Business Hours
Mon: Closed 

Tue – Sat : 11am to 8pm 

Sun: 11am to 6pm

2 thoughts on “Getting perfect brows with Brow Studio MKE

  1. Love the brows. There is nothing better than having a trained professional to do your eyebrows. I’ve had a really bad experience and had to fill in my eyebrows for years because they were so thin. I still do, but not to the point where I have to walk out the house feeling like lord, please don’t let it be too hot outside and accidentally wipe one off….like that one time!

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