Office refresh with Graphique de France! 

I think the key to a productive work day and getting creative content is having an inviting workspace. As most of you know I did a huge office remodel on one of the guest rooms at my house about a year ago. And I much as I loved that space, I found it to be too busy for actually working. 

I wanted a cleaner more cohesive look but I also wanted it to still have character. And I got just that with Graphique de France! They provided the cutest office accessories that make my space fun and inviting! 

Now I can’t wait to work at my office space on great content because everything is so cute! Lol 

Folders: Graphique de France

Notebook: Graphique de France

Pen: Graphique de France

Pouch: Graphique de France

Tumbler: Graphique de France

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