How I went from being terrified of public speaking to hosting events! 

I admit the thought of public speaking used to terrify me! I would get shaky and sweaty, which isn’t a good look for this fashionista. I would always go over the worst case scenario in my head. ” what if I fall” ” what if I stumble on my words” ” what if everyone hates me”. Thankfully I was able to get over this fear and here are my 5 steps to help you overcome this too. 

1. Sometimes you just have to get out of your comfort zone! 

About 2 years ago I started doing live tv segments with Fox 6 and that has been the best way for me to get over my fear! Just getting out there and facing my fear head on was so beneficial to me. And trust me the first few times were nerve wrecking! I would be soooooooo nervous but then after a while I got more and more comfortable. Now it’s just second nature and easy. Sometimes the best way to get over something is to JUST DO IT! 

2. Be prepared

I noticed that when I prepared for what I was going to say that my nerves weren’t as bad. So if you are going to be public speaking, write out a script! Go over your lines and rehearse them. My time to go over what I’m going to say is in the car. Granted other drivers might think I’m crazy, but I will be well prepared and know exactly what I want to say.

3. Know that you will mess up 

It’s ineveitable, you’re going to mess something up. But know that 99% of the time YOU are the ONLY one who noticed. You are your worst critic and if you stumble on your words, most people will not notice. Now if you have a nipslip on stage than people are probably gonna notice lol 😂 

4. Don’t stick to the script

The best way to stay cam during a a public speaking event is to just have a conversation with the audience. Don’t get stiff and freeze up, but talk like you are talking to your best friend. If you are still nervous find a friend in the room and pretend you are just talking to them for a bit while you calm down. Yes you want to read from the script but that should be a guide. 
5. Have fun! 

The best way to loosen up on stage is to have fun! Have a fun ritual that gets you hyped up! Mine is to have a danc party in the car or in the dressing room before hand. Get pumped up and have fun! 
This last week I had the HONOR to host the Best of Bridal Awards for Wisconsin Bride Magazine. It was so much fun! And if you would like to see me host live and in person make sure you get tickets to the Milwaukee Walk Fashion Show June 9th at Turner Hall! 

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