How to become more of a morning person. 

I admit, I’m not a morning person at all! I love my sleep and my comfy bed. So it has been a constant struggle in the morning to wake up happy and ready to take on the day. Recently I have been trying to make a conscious effort to try to become more of a morning person so I can be more productive. It’s definitely a work in progress. So I thought I would share my tips on what has helped me recently to achieve this goal, since I know I’m not the only one who struggles with this. 

1. Make your bed

One of the things that I have be notorious for was to get ready or start to get ready and then lay back down and fall back asleep. I have noticed that if I make my bed in the morning right when I get up, that it prevents this from happening. You are less likely to mess up your perfectly made bed to go back to bed. Plus you feel like you’ve accomplished or adulted first thing in the morning. 

2. Use an energizing skincare routine

My newest fave morning skin care routine actually was recently gifted to me from Origins. The ginzing is invigorating and smells amazing while helping you wake up in the morning. 

3.Cut down on tech time 

Now I know that I’m super guilty of doing this. Sometimes either before bed or right when you wake up you scroll through your phone to check emails or Facebook or Pinterest. Hey we have all been there. But this habit is actually making you get less restful sleep at night and is keeping you tired throughout the day. Instead turn off the gadgets 1 hr before bed and 1 hr after you wake up so that you are fully present for your day. 

4.Meditation or journal

Use your one hr of no tech time in the morning to pray, meditate or journal. This you time is important to set the tone for you and to prepare your intentions and attitudes for the coming day ahead. 


Most of us go right for the coffee or matcha first thing in the morning! And don’t get me wrong, I love my caffeine just as much as the rest of you. But being dehydrated can really take a toll on the energy in the morning. So before you grab your coffee, have a glass of water to ensure you are starting the day off right. 

6. Exercise

Working out in the morning will not only get that damn cardio out of the way first thing in the morning. But it will also give you lasting energy for the whole day:) 

One thought on “How to become more of a morning person. 

  1. I became a morning person because I had a paper route and had to finish by 6:30 am, six days a week, for seven years. It came in handy in college because if a professor was popular all I had to do was wait for her to teach an 8 am class and I could get in. On the other hand, since I usually wore out by 11 pm it did get in the way of having a social life.

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