Refusing to follow the rules 

I’m sure everyone has heard the fashion rule: No wearing white after Labor Day. Well, Labor Day is right around the corner and I have NO intentions to pack up my white jeans anytime soon. I like to live by the motto that fashion has no rules. This fall I want to encourage you all to throw fashion rules out the window and wear what you love!
There are so many ways that you can rock white all thru fall and winter.Pair your white denim with a great chunky sweater or with a leather jacket and booties like I did. 

The best part about white is that it is a neutral color so it literally goes with ANYTHING. So to transition it into fall/winter just pair with a more fall color pallet like Bordeaux or Navy. 
Honestly the best part about fashion is being able to express yourself without ever opening your mouth. So don’t let fashion rules hold you back. Take risks, wear what you love , refuse the fashion rules and be the style icon you were meant to be. 

Top: c/oLoraletta

Jeans: c/o loraletta ( sold out) 

Jacket:Lysse c/o Dia&co 

Shoes: c/o Torrid
Shades: c/o Shady Bitch Eyewear

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