Holiday Gift Guide 2017: The Hostess 

These gifts can be for the Hostess that is hosting Christmas this year OR the one who loves to be be the Hostess with the mostest all thru out the year. 

1. Cookbook: This person loves to have company and entertain, so a cookbook that gives them some new, tasty recipes is a great present option for them. 

2. A cute doormat: Great way to show some of this Hostess personality! From sweet to sassy you can find a doormat that is perfect for every Hostess you are shopping for.

3. Chic kitchen appliance: Something that this Hostess wouldn’t mind keeping on there counter year round. Like this chic AF citrus juicer. Perfect for fresh squeezed juices for breakfast or a cocktail! 

4. Bar accessories: A good entertainer has to have a bar cart or some sort of bar. So an accessory for there entertaining bar is a must! This decanter is so stinking cute too! 

5. A luxe candle: Get this Hostess a candle that makes their whole place smell delicious all the time! 

6. Cozy blanket: There is nothing better than a cozy blanket to wrap up in and relax. Which makes it the perfect present. 

7. Succulents: Getting a Hostess a plant that is not only chic but also has very little upkeep is key. 

8.Fun mugs: These fun emoji mugs from Bloomingdales are perfect for the entertainer since the emojis act as a drink charm .

9. French press: Give the gift of amazing coffee with a super chic French press. 

10. Good Champagne: For the Hostess you can never have too much champagne on hand. Plus you never know when you’ll need to celebrate something. And there is always a party when Veuve is around. 

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