Holiday Gift Guide 2017: The Beauty Junkie 

We all know that woman who always is watching the latest makeup tutorials or looking for the next big thing in all thing in the beauty industry. Well this is the gift guide for her! 

1. Anti aging Technology:  I think every beauty junkie is also a skin care addict. The NuFace facial toner helps with anti aging and elasticity for the skin. Since great skin is the perfect canvas to put makeup on an anti aging tool will be the perfect addition to their regimen. 

2. Luxury Skincare : Continuing with the skin care trend, getting someone some luxury skincare is always a good gift. These products are something most woman have wanted but never spoil themselves enough to purchase so give them the gift of luxe skin this season. 

3. Chic cosmetic bag: You can never have too many cosmetic bags especially for a beauty junkie! Plus this one is so damn cute:) 

4. The IT brand: Literally anything from the beauty brand of the moment, Fenty Beauty, will be a perfect present for this person! Especially  the gold highlighter that is stunning!!!! 

5.Fragrance sampler: Buying fragrance for someone can be hard because everyone’s taste is different. But a fragrance sampler where they can try smaller bottles of multiple perfumes so they can find their fave scent is perfect! 

6. A good blow out: Who doesn’t love a good blowout? But sometimes we get to busy to go to the salon and get one every week! So give them the luxury of a getting a great blow out at home with this Drybar giftset! 

7. Variety sets: Give them a full face of makeup with a variety gift set. The ones at Charlotte Tillbury give you literally everything you need for an amazing look. 

8. PALLETES: As a beauty junkie I love a good eyeshadow pallete. Neutral colors like the Tarte Toasted or a fun colors, any pallete will be a hit l. 

9. Silk: Silk pillowcases and eye masks are so great to prevent aging and keep healthy hair! This will literally make sure that they are getting beauty rest. 

10. Brushes: Some fun, quality, and festive makeupbrushes are always a hit. They are great for makeup application but also so pretty that you could display them on your vanity 🙂 

One thought on “Holiday Gift Guide 2017: The Beauty Junkie 

  1. Hi i need your opinion. Have you tried L’bri products if so what do you think? Is it worth the money? Thanks.

    Sarah R.

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