2017 Holiday Gift Guide: The Techie

1.Google Home Mini: I have just added this little gadget to my home and let me tell you, I’m obsessed. It has voice recognition so all you have to do is ask it anything ” hey google turn on 90s music” or ” hey good turn on Bravo tv” and she does it for you:) 

2. DSLR: Who doesn’t love to capture memories with a good pic. Give them the gift of timeless moments with a DSLR camera. 

3. Virtual Reality: Give the techie something that they might not get themselves. Like virtual reality goggles! They are fun, futuristic and inexpensive 

4. Home Security: The gift of safety is truly priceless so give them the piece of mind by gifting a home security system that they can check from the comfort of their own Phone. 

5. Headphones: Wireless headphones are a great gift! Wear them to the gym, traveling or wherever your heart desires. 

6. Wine opener: This Coravin wine opener is amazing, it allows you to enjoy your wine without ever uncorking the bottle! So you can have a glass here and there while preserving the wine longer 

7. Newest IPhone: They techie needs to have the latest and greatest phone on the market l. 

8.iPhone Printer: We all have a million good pictures on our phones but we never take the time to get them printed off. Now you can print them off right away! 

9. The Tile: Never lose anything ever again with the TILE! Attach it to anything you don’t want to lose and then you are able to track where it’s at on your phone so you never misplace it! 

10. Portrait Frame Tv: This one is def pricey! But this is the most beautiful tv around! This one turns into looking like framed art when it’s not in use! How cool is that! 

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