New Years resolutions and reflections

Well another year has come to an end and now it’s time to start fresh with 2018. This last year has been full of ups and downs, some amazing high points and some really rough times. But overall, this year has really helped me grow into a stronger, more driven women than I have ever been.

The blog has accomplished some amazing things this last year. With awesome brand partnerships, fulfilling my childhood dream of going to NYFW and expanding my brand into my own fashion column for OnMilwaukee.

I have to admit, in the beginning of 2017 my blog was more driven by getting followers as opposed to creating true and authentic content that you all can relate too. As the year went on I started to learn that the key to success in blogging is to show your true self on social media. So you saw a lot this year! From makeup free IG stories, talking about my terrible dating life and even live feeding my Botox. I have really let you into my world this year and you are going to see even more of this in 2018! More content that you all want to see and more real life moments you can all relate to, because blogging is a lot more than fashion shows and photo shoots.

In my personal life, I have gained some amazing friendships this year and have also lost one that I thought was my most precious friendship of all. I have learned that sometimes people are meant to be in your life for a season and as you grow and change, so does that relationship. Doesn’t mean you have had a falling out but it just means that you are both in different places in your life and that’s ok.

In my career I’ve made a huge leap of faith and have left the career I have known for 10yrs and started a new path. Something that I will love to do every single day. I’ve learned that sometimes the scariest leaps are the ones that will make you grow the most.

2017 has been so memorable, but 2018 is going to kick Ass! Every year I pick a word that is going to be my theme for the year. The word for 2017 was Cultivate. To cultivate new business partnerships, relationships, income, and memories. This year for 2018 my word is Simplify. To simplify all aspects of my life. To declutter and simplify my mind, my closet, my home, my business, my life. To live in the moment and not rely on THINGS to make me happy! But to live Simply HAPPY!

I really encourage you to pick your word for 2018 and cheers to a new year!

Photo cred: Lykke Visuals

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