My fave podcasts

I listen to podcasts all the time. I love them,hell I love them so much that I announced last month that I’m sure launching my own with one of my besties this year. Official launch date coming soon!

But with all of the planning that goes into launching our own podcast I thought I would share with you all some of my faves of he moment. I noticed that my podcasts I’m currently listening to have 3 themes: murder/ true crime, business growth/personal development, and comedy/reality tv.

1) Juicy Scoop with Heather McDonald

This one is probably the one I listen to the most. Heather gives her comedic opinion on everything from Real Housewives, reality tv, entertainment news or just any juicy story she can get her hands on. This podcast leaves me laughing out loud every single episode.

2) My Favorite Murder

If you have been following me for a while, you know that I have a love for true crime stories. This podcast gives me just that. 2 female comedians with a love for true crime discuss their murder of the week.

3) Oprah’s super soul conversations

I mean this pretty much doesn’t even need an explanation. Oprah talking with guest about areas of personal growth and development that you can implement in you life. Nuf said

4) Someone Knows Something

Like Serial, this podcast follows one unsolved crime and try’s to solve that someone has to know something about it.

5) Casefile

This is pretty much like Dateline in a podcast version. And if you are anything like me, Dateline is bae.

6) Don’t keep your day job

This podcast is all about growing your business enough so you can transition into fulfilling your dream full time.

7) Ear biscuits with Rhett and Link

If you love the YouTube show “Good Mythical Morning” you will LOVE this podcast. With Rhett and Link discussing everything you can think of this podcast is hilarious.

8) Hollywood and crime

This podcast is basically set like an old time radio show, playing out the findings and events that went on behind the Black Dahlia murder

9) Goal Digger

First of all the host of this podcast is fellow Wisconsin girl Jenna Kutcher who is the most real, authentic girl I have ever met. She brings so much advice and content on growing a business, being authentic to yourself and creating intentional content.

10) Up and Vanished

Yet another unsolved true crime podcast about people that have gone missing and never found. ( I swear I’m not crazy with all of these crime podcasts lol)

11) Watch what crappens

Two male comedians recap, reenact and talk about every show on BRAVO and it’s hilarious. If you love Real Housewives, YOU WILL LOVE THIS.

12) Watch what happens live

The podcast version of the live show that is on Bravo. Hosted by Andy Cohen.

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