Hair talk with my hair stylist Caitlin!

It’s so hard to find a hair stylist that just gets you. Someone who knows exactly what you want, is realistic about the process and gives you results that are amazing! Well, I found that with Caitlin Howe at Coiffure Salon in Franklin. She is knowledgeable, fun and makes sure you get the best hair you could possibly have! She recently took my blonde from brassy and grown out to a beautiful icy blonde! As we were talking at the salon, I found out just how passionate she is about hair and is also a wedding hair stylist! Below is my interview with Caitlin about all things hair and wedding related/)

P:Tell me a little about yourself!

C: I am a single mom to a ten year old who so innocently thinks I’m already famous for doing hair. Bless him. I’m ridiculously lucky to get to do what I do. I’m a hairstylist at Coiffure Salon in Franklin. I have been doing hair for almost 13 years now.

I started doing hair young. I taught myself how to braid on my Barbie so you could say it was meant to be at a young age. It was actually my mom who suggested I do hair professionally. I’ve always been artistic and creative but it wasn’t until I became a stylist that I found my passion and outlet for that creativity. I can’t imagine doing anything else. I get to connect with amazing people everyday, such as yourself, and the relationship I have with my clients is indescribable.

P: What are your favorite hair products to use?

C: Top five favorite hair products! Explanations included just in case

1. Olaplex.

It repairs broken bonds in your hair from chemical services and thermal styling among other things. It’s basically insurance for your hair. Olaplex is used in the salon with color services or as a treatment with a take home bottle. Simplified, it makes your hair smoother than ever and shinier.

2. Powder Dry Me by Design Me

It helps your cuticle align properly and causes the water to bead out instead of absorb into your hair. It cuts drying time down significantly.

3. Bed Head Rockaholic Dirty Secret dry shampoo.

Who doesn’t love a good dry shampoo?! It smells good and keeps me going another day (or two).

4. Puff Me by Design me

An instant volumizer that I wouldn’t do a single updo without. Puff the powder on your roots for instant volume and hold.

5. Moroccan oil curl defining cream.

From curly, fine hair to thick texture curls, this curl cream is heaven. It provides hold without the crunch and it smells so good all day long.

P: What hair trends do you think we will see in 2018?

C:I think we’re going to be seeing a lot more woman embracing their natural curl this year. I’m ready for it. For those without curls I can see perms being a more common thing. Viva la curls. I think the bob is here to stay. It’s versatile and so easy. I also feel like extra long sleek hair is going to be big. Extensions or not. I’m looking forward to everything; long short straight and curled!

P: What do you think is the biggest mistake women are making with their hair?

C:In my opinion the biggest mistake women make when it comes to their hair is sleeping with a ponytail in. It causes so much breakage especially the thinner your hair is. We move when we sleep. It snaps the strands and I’ve seen some horrible breakage because of it. If you can manage without your messy bun at night, do it. If you can’t stand your hair everywhere, try a loose braid or an off to the side low pony with a soft hairband such as a scrunchie.

P: How often should women truly me washing their hair?

C: Once or twice a week. If your scalp is more oily then you should be washing more. My best hair washing advice…if your hair gets greasy right away or gets crazy tangled you should consider what you’re washing it with. Over the counter products can leave a film on your hair and even though you think it’s clean you could just be adding to that build up.

P: Yiu style ALOT of weddings, what do you love most about being a part of someone’s special day?

C: I love the love. For the most part woman dream of their wedding days. I get to be apart of that dream and vision. You get a certain feeling those mornings. It’s such a happy time and you can sense it. I am a huge softy for those moments.

P: What wedding hair trends should we expect to see this year?

C:I think this year there will be a lot of simplistic styles; soft braids and waves or effortless low buns. I believe we’re all really embracing natural beauty more in general and I hope it’s more than a trend.

P: what advice would you give brides who are planning their look for their wedding?

C: Start from the dress and decide from there what makes you feel confident. Do you feel more beautiful with your hair up and off your face? Is the back of your dress too incredible to hide with hair? Do you want to look like a Grecian goddess? It’s absolutely best to book a hair trial in order to go over any likes/dislikes and make a plan together with your stylist. Have a few ideas of what you’re thinking and let us take it from there.

Book an appointment with Caitlin at

IG: @caitlinhairstylistmke

Coiffure Salon

7212 a 76th st

Franklin, Wi 53132

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