How I started living my happiest life!

Over the last year I have really worked on finding my true happiness, being more positive and all around living my best life. For so long I put my personal happiness in material things, how many likes a picture got or even in relationships. And what I learned in this is that none of those things will make you truly happy if you in fact aren’t happy with yourself.

As I sought out to find my own personal happiness I had to come to terms with some things in my life, realize some relationships are toxic and evaluate why I was the way I was. And what did I need to do to change some habits that were hindering me from finding this happiness!

1. Get rid of toxic relationships

This one can be hard, sometimes we hang on to friendships to relationships because they are comfortable to us. We have been in them for so long that you are used to how the relationship is. But is this relationship truly benefiting your growth as a person? Is that person your rock? Do they truly celebrate in your successes? Any relationship that you feel drained emotional after spending time with them instead of feeling enriched is toxic and needs to be cut off of you want to truly live your best life.

2. Find a passion and make that your career

This year I started a new career path. I went from managing retail, which I did for about 10 yrs. This career path was fun for awhile but after time turned into a draining job. And now I’m a social media and marketing strategist for a company, which I absolutely love! I never believed the statement ” you never work a day in your life if you love what you are doing” until now. Finding what you’re passionate about ( for me it’s social media ) and finding a way to make it your career is key to a happy work life.

3. Stop quick fixing your happiness and find things that help you gain lasting joy

For years I thought that happiness could be found in shopping, a cocktail or even food. But that’s not true. You are happy for a moment but then it fades away again only to reveal your true feelings. These are masks to hide things in your life you need to work thru. So instead of going to those things when I feel I need a pick me up, I now go to a something that enriches my life. Meditation, prayer and personal development books are now some of my go to’s. Taking a workout class, Stopping and taking a moment to just have gratitude for things I have, volunteering or spending genuine time with friends and family are all things that have helped me find joy.

4. Adopt good habits:

Waking up early used to be a struggle for me, usually sleeping in on any day I had off time. This caused me to feel more sluggish,unmotivated and all around unprotected in all aspects in my life. So now I’m up early most days ( don’t get me wrong I still occasionally sleep in) and making the most of my days. Another way to live your best life is to live in a clean space. When you get up, make your bed, start your day with a positive intention and kick ass. Eating healthy , drinking a lot of water and exercising helps you feel better about yourself, gives you more energy and happier.

5. It’s ok to take a day off

Lastly I had to realize that it’s ok to take a day off. To stay home and relax one night. Sometimes you need to just take a mental health day from your social life. Stay in, have a glass of wine, start a bubble bath and just recharge. It’s ok to not say yes to every event, party and night out you get invited to.

So find what works for you! Take some of my tips to heart and learn to live your happiest life!

Outfit details:

Kimono: Target

Tank: Torrid


Shoes: ASOS

Photo cred: Liz Klein

Sunglasses: Quay Australia

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